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Student Health Plans

Wellfleet is a leader in providing college and universities with student health care solutions. We are committed to providing our clients with comprehensive and flexible plans that are designed to meet their specific needs, with an emphasis on personalized service. Each client is assigned an experienced and dedicated support team including an account executive, an account manager, claims examiners, customer service and information technology support staff. We provide you with direct access to your account management team to assure accountability and continuity of service.


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Enrollment Services

We offer customized web-based enrollment and waiver capabilities, with options for open access for students or access based on established eligibility criteria. Your students will also be able to print plan benefit brochures and temporary ID cards directly from Wellfleet's website.

Claims Services

Our LuminX claims processing system assures that your students benefit from provider discounts and prompt provider payment, minimizing delays and out-of-pocket expenses. Our quality standard is to pay claims within seven business days at 99.4% financial and procedural accuracy, improving both student and provider satisfaction.

Customer Service

Our customer service team provides timely and accurate answers to questions from students and providers regarding eligibility, benefits and claims. Customer Service Representatives are accessible by toll-free phone or email.

Prescription Coverage

Our plans can include access to prescription drug coverage through some of the largest pharmacy benefit management companies in North America. Your customized prescription drug program meets your specific plan requirements and includes on-line drug interaction safety information.

National Provider Networks

Our plans include access to national provider networks including Cigna, PHCS, First Health and MultiPlan. These national provider networks assure your students in-network benefits at over 500,000 provider locations nationwide, while delivering significant cost savings to the plan.

Reporting Services

Our LuminX claims processing system allows us to regularly provide you with meaningful and easy-to-read utilization reports including:

  • Benefit Analysis Report
  • High-Dollar Claimant Report
  • Diagnosis Code Report
  • Top Provider Payment Report
  • Prescription Utilization Report


Plan Analysis

Need a report not listed above? Just ask. Customized claim reports can help you evaluate your plan design and alternate financial solutions to maximize your health plan benefits. Wellfleet is fully HIPAA-compliant. We ensure data security through daily off-site data back-up protocols, and a full security and disaster recovery plan.

The Partnership Plan

For eligible clients in qualified states, Wellfleet provides a return of premium in excess of a "permissible" loss ratio.

  • Permissible is set, based on plan expenses and prior year's loss ratios.
  • A portion of premiums in excess of the permissible losses are returned based on policy terms.
  • Utilize funds to offset future premiums, increase benefits and/or refund students.


Website Services

Plan Sponsor: Your custom webpage gives you the ability to administer the waiver, enrollment and referral processes. You can also include your school logo, links for your health service or administration departments to post important notices to your students.

Students: On our interactive website,, your students have 24/7 access to important health insurance forms, brochures, preferred provider search, claims status, on-line waiver, enrollment forms and temporary ID cards. Our website is thorough, easy to navigate, and secure. Wellfleet provides insureds with privacy exceeding HIPAA requirements through the use of a secure server and encrypted data.

Campus-Wide Health

Campus-Wide Health includes online alcohol and substance abuse education, student assistance with 24/7 professional counselling, and a 24/7 telemedicine option for convenient diagnosis and treatment of many minor medical conditions. CWH provides schools with the ability to screen and educate incoming students, review aggregate report data all while providing a secure path for students to obtain advice and medical care. Learn more.