Campus-Wide Health

Campus Wide Health (CWH) – CHP’s program designed to help students maintain a healthy lifestyle.

CWH includes online alcohol and substance abuse education, student assistance with 24/7 professional counselling, and a 24/7 telemedicine option for convenient diagnosis and treatment of many minor medical conditions. CWH provides schools with the ability to screen and educate incoming students, review aggregate report data all while providing a secure path for students to obtain advice and medical care.

Campus-Wide Health Plans

Institutions can elect Campus Wide Health alongside your insurance plan, or on a stand-alone basis. CHP offers three CWH options:

  • Campus Wide Health: Partner all the benefits of CWH with your overall campus wellness and student safety initiative.
  • Campus Wide Health & Accident Plan: All the benefits of CWH as described above, plus accident coverage for every student on campus. This program protects your students 24/7 and can be tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • Campus Wide Health with Indemnity Medical: This plan offers all the benefits of the two programs above, with additional coverage for minor medical care for both sickness and accident. This plan offers true campus wide coverage and protection.