University of Louisiana Lafayette Intl's Online Waiver

All F-1 undergraduate and graduate students are automatically enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan unless a waiver of comparable coverage is completed by the student. To waive coverage, please complete the waiver form below.

You are entering the waiver page for the University of Louisiana Lafayette - International Student Health Insurance Plan. We ask that if you want to opt out of the Student Health Plan, that you complete this form by June 29, 2019. If a valid waiver is not received by June 29, 2019, then the Student Health Insurance charge will remain on your tuition bill and payment will be required.


When you complete this waiver form, you will be DECLINING the plan. By completing the waiver, you are certifying that you have comparable coverage and agree that you will be responsible for your medical expenses, and that neither the University of Louisiana Lafayette - International nor the Student Health Plan will be responsible for those expenses. Please have your current health insurance ID card available as you will need this information to waive the plan.

The deadline to waive the Student Health Insurance Plan is June 29, 2019.