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ATTENTION to ALL MassHealth Participants. MassHealth will pay for your Student Health Insurance Plan Premium if you qualify for the new premium assistance program. To learn more about the program please see the MassHealth Premium Assistance Info Sheet in the "Your Links" section above or call: 1-855-273-5903 with questions.

To APPLY please visit the UMass MassHealth Premium Assistance Program page by clicking below.

Massachusetts requires college students to have comprehensive health insurance. If you are taking 5 or more credits at UMass-Amherst, you will be automatically enrolled in UMass Student Health Benefits Plan (SHBP) and the charges will appear on your tuition bill. You may waive participation in the UMass Health Plan if you have comparable coverage under another medical insurance plan. If you do not waive the insurance, you will have a separate charge for the Student Health Benefits Plan on your student tuition bill. The deadline to submit a waiver is February 3, 2020.

Can I waive the UMass SHBP?
You CAN waive participation in the UMass SHBP if you are a U.S. Student with:

  • Comparable coverage under another major medical insurance plan, including Plans through the Mass Connector.

The following students MUST ENROLL in the UMass SHBP. You CANNOT WAIVE the UMass SHBP if you:

  • Have a medical plan that provides coverage through a closed network of providers not reasonably accessible to the UMass Amherst Campus.
  • Have Health Safety Net, MassHealth Limited or the Children's Medical Security Program. Subscribers who have been dis-enrolled based on their student status should contact UHS Patient Services to enroll in the SHBP.
  • Are an International student enrolled in travel insurance. International students are allowed to waive with plans from United States based employer plans which follow the Affordable Care Act (ACA) policies.

The following students are not eligible to use this online waiver system:

  • Students who have signed a FERPA privacy statement. Please contact the UHS Patient Services Office at (413) 577-5192 for paper waivers.
  • Students taking less than 5 credit hours.

If you would like to waive out of the UMass SHBP, please continue and complete the following online waiver form. To access the form, enter your 8-digit UMass Student ID and date of birth below. If you do not know your Student ID#, please contact:
University Health Services: (413) 577-5192