Houghton College's Online Waiver

All full time Houghton College students are required to carry medical insurance.

IMPORTANT: Unless you opt out of the Student Health Insurance Plan underwritten by Nationwide Life Insurance Company and administered by Consolidated Health Plans by June 24, 2016, you will be automatically enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan, and the premium will be applied to your college bill.

To waive (opt out of) the Student Health Insurance Plan, please continue to complete the online waiver form. To complete the form you will need:

  1. Students must be enrolled in Fall classes in order to waive off the Houghton College Student Health Insurance Plan.
  2.  Your Houghton Student ID number: Your Houghton Student ID is a 9-digit number starting with 4 or 5 leading zeros (e.g. 0000XXXXX). 
    Your Student ID# can be found in the upper right portion of your bill, through SSS, or it  can be retrieved at https://consolidatedhealthplan.com.
  3. If you are unable to find your ID number in either of these ways, please call Houghton College Student Financial Services for help at (585) 567-9328.