Roger Williams University's Online Enrollment

If you are a Full-time Graduate with 6+ credits (non-Masters in Architecture) and returning School of Law Students with 9+ credits are encouraged , but are not required, to enroll in the University's sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan. Students who wish to enroll in RWU student health insurance plan voluntarily may purchase this insurance directly through CHP. Please continue and complete the following enrollment form. The deadline to enroll in the Annual plan is September 14, 2015.

NOTE: All full-time undergraduate students, residential and commuter, Masters of Architecture students, and all international students on and F-1 or J-1 visa, are automatically enrolled in and billed by RWU for the plan unless coverage has been specifically waived. This online student enrollment option is available to Law and Graduate students only.

Please enter your 7-digit RWU Student ID and date of birth below.  NEW students enrolling at RWU for the 2015-16 academic year will be able to access the form once you receive your RWU student ID number, which will be included in a separate mailing once RWU receives your deposit.

If you have problems with your Student ID, please contact:
Undergraduate & Graduate Students – RWU Registrar’s Office (401) 254-3510
Law Students – Student Finance & Records (401) 254-4657